Alpha-Rowen Ltd start trading

May 28, 2009

Following Alpha-Rowen Treatments Ltd entering into Administration, Alpha-Rowen Ltd acquired the assets of Alpha-Rowen Treatments Ltd. This means that we are now offering Austempering and Oil Hardening to the same high standards that Alpha Rowen Treatments Ltd did previously.

We have kept the vast majority of the equipment (being operated by the same core staff) to more than cope with current levels of business, but also with a further 50% of our total available capacity available. Please be assured that as and when volumes show significant increases we will have the necessary capacity and diversity of equipment to meet all your future requirements.

We hope the transition will be smooth however no transition is ever perfect. Please be assured that should you have any questions then you can contact either Kevin Rowen or Mike Leach on 0121-557-6175

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